Tribute to my lost GF

Her name was Samsung, Cobry pro, her birthday was August 21 2011. 1650hrs I used her for talking and she delivered more than 20k texts..
Only few contacts of friends I managed to save because I rarely received calls and texts from many people. She always remained next to me.
I cannot forget the day I lost her
I was in Ajmer, I left her in my room and went outside. I was not expecting any call because she was on roaming. I always ignored her like that. I forgot that it was in the room and then remembered only when I was leaving for station. 
I still had hope that somewhere in some bag or a suitcase it will be there but it was not. I returned home, checked every suitcase and bag but she was nowhere to be found.
Now my soon-to-be new GF is HTC desire that is coming for Korea, although she is second hand but I don’t have much problem with that. It has google maps and I can use Instagram and Whatsapp on it. Just pray that this one don’t leaves me like my previous GFs.

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