My 2013 Bucket List

I make this” to do” list every year, most it keeps going on in pending list and hence my “to do” list keeps increasing. Let’s see how much of it I am able to complete. I have written up my wishlist in a diary which keeps on increasing and sadly I have changed 3 diaries because of cutting, roughing and tearing. 
By the way perverts don’t take this “To-Do” thing in some other way. 
1 Get a job: So that I can carry on stuff I am working on and stop being depended on my parents or the trimonthly salary that ends up in a week.
2 Travel more: This year I plan to finish whole Bihar and places around. This I plan to start after winter ends that includes Mumbai-Bangalore-Goa trip and Kolkata, Delhi trips due to obvious reasons.
3 Freshen up my taste buds: Above all less drinking and more eating. The world is full of good food.
4 New Cellphone and Camera: Because old ones suck.
5 Gift for my parents and brother (Shhhh don’t tell them): I hope by end of Aug I’ll save much to buy a good wrist watch for my father and a handbag (TV advertisement one) for mom. Also my brother needs new shoes so I guess he’ll get them soon.
6 Learn a language or two: I guess one Indian (Easy one) and a foreign language would do. This was in my last year’s bucket list too.
7 Read more: Good books will do, will improve my reading habits and make a routine.
8 Avoid watching movies: Torrents FTW also will avoid shitty Bollywood movies.
9 Anger Management: Already improving, all I need is to control my abusing habits getting in useless fights.
10 Write more: Improve and do something meaningful with it.
11 Less time on internet: Already working on it all I need is to keep myself a little bit busy.
12 Read more comics: I think this year I’ll go with mature and serious titles. I always skip those.
13 Learn Guitar: In my bucket list for 5+ years
14 Start driving again: May be, maybe not
15 Complete last year’s bucket-list: :-\

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