Still Waiting

 Its been more than four months now, and not a sign of that Secretary. Neither on call nor in person. Never have I waited for anyone or anything like this, never have I prayed for anything such in life, and never will I be able to give such an importance to anyone anymore.
My friends are cursing me, my mother is bored, my father is fed up of my dreams. But what can I do, it just keeps coming in my mind every now and then. 
I would have been happy even if Mr Rajneesh would have contact me personally like she said, even for not her it was an excellent working opportunity, and even at that moment I would have asked her on a date, but sad part is chokri to gai naukri bhi hath se gai.
I had high hopes once that an excellent opportunity is coming from a workplace where girls with super cute voice work. Till date wherever I have been to are guys only studios with hardly any girl around. It seems Mr Rajneesh gave up but I didn’t, m still waiting for my phone to ring someday, sometime with that supercute voice offering me an amount of 50k to start my work with those people. *sighs*
Those who are confused what this is about can check here

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