Global Warming: My Analysis

This Global Warming is a real serious issue. Our planet is on a brink of extinction. Humans have made this place not worth living and one day we’ll all die. Temperature is rising like petrol and vegetable prices, world is getting hotter and our clothes are getting shorter. Imagine one day when we’ll have to walk around naked and then die like other animals. We are in Danger.
 I did some research on the topic and found out certain things about global warming. I didn’t got paid for my research and yet I am sharing with you people just for the sake of humanity.  
My life research shows that I have finally able to find out that Global Warming is basically happening because of increase in the number of Hot Girls. Bongs, Konkani and Bihari chicks are contributing a lot to this problem and not to mention redheads too. I have travelled from Kashmir to Bangalore and I have found hot and pretty chicks everywhere. 
Now in case if you are wondering that how are they doing this then my research and calculations suggest that pretty girls make men excited and this process generates heat, this is scientifically proven and not by me.
Twitter and Facebook DPs are another cause to global warming, so many hot DPs give you sardi me garmi ka ehsas. Twitter is full of pretty faces that are enough to excite people like me. Stana Katic, Chitrangada Singh, Christina Hendricks, Isla Fisher, Rituparna Sengupta, Lisa Ray, Amy Adams, Heyley Atwell etc are some of the pretty girls around the world and are found in every guy’s laptop/cellphones/Desktops etc. Men will be Men but women get prettier day by day.
So how can we stop Global Warming? I have some suggestions and I want Govt. of India and UNO to fund me for my project.
  1.  Give women training in NASA send them back to Venus or wherever they have come from
  2. Ladies cover your face like Taliban or don’t get out of your house.
  3. Males, who get too much excited, stay at home don’t get out as well.
  4. Ban movies, Ads, Commercials, Songs, Music Videos and make people watch Doremon and Shinchan whole day.
  5. Ban Ekta Kapoor type Daily soaps and make Big Boss a male only show.
  6. Make watching parliament session compulsory for every Indian.
This sex..sorry six points can the make Earth go normal again and Mother Nature will cool down too, by the way Mother Earth and Mother Nature are pretty ladies too.
If this blog offends you then I am sorry but my intention was not to offend anyone and please ignore this crap. If you take this blog seriously then I am proud of your intellect.

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