Engineering life and Backlogs

Backlogs are the best thing about engineering colleges! This is something that completes an engineering student. Some of us want this more than they want gfs(considering the fact that non-males are not easily available and even if they are, it doesn’t make any difference!). Those who get it are worthy engineering students!
 Let me explain what a backlog means. In Engineering if you fail in a subject, you have to re-appear for it until and unless you clear it, basically reexamination. Every university has some rules about carrying backlogs, you can’t carry more than 4 backs and carry no back from last to last year. Say you are going to 3rd year, you can’t carry any back from 1st year but you can proudly carry 4 from 2nd year. It is known as backlog. Isn’t it great?
For a non-engg student all this sounds insane and stupid. How can one feel so proud after failing in more than 50% of his papers? This is what engineering is at-least In Karnataka it is.
Just imagine, one fails in a subject and then gets 3 chances to clear those subjects. Where in the world would one get so many chances to clear pending papers. In VTU when results are out, people don’t ask for marks, they ask for the number of backs. It is really hard to find a VTU student who passed four year of his engineering life without backlogs and those who did, did’nt got placed. More than 50% of students get major backlogs in the first year itself.
So as a senior I’ll like to tell you that if you are an engineering student or  going to be one then never be ashamed on backlogs, feel proud that you are a true engineer. Here no one is going to tease you for failing in subject(s), everyone is equal, there is no topper and there is no loser. Backlogs make the society equal.
*I don’t know about other universities what the rules are, so, before you start your preparation for backlogs, know the rules before you get into the game.

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  1. In Mumbai University Backlogs are called KT and there is a popular saying here"Wo Baap hi kya jiski beti na howo Engineer hi kya jiski KT na ho"

  2. and more than that Backlogs make your study on the subject perfect. A person who has cleared his supject in 3rd attempt knows much more than the directly cleared one 😛

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