Through the pages of a book

I gave up after think about a suitable title for this post, I am still thinking. The person I am dedicating this blog for is like that only. Try to understand her and everytime you do, you’ll find something new about her. She is like a book of short stories where one story has no connection to another one still whole book feels connected. 
I remember I was in 8th standard when she was my classmate, whole boys row feared her. At-least what I feel like. Once I fall prey to her wrath which was meant to be on someone else. He should thank his luck that I took his wrath in a very mild way. Anyways after ages I got to meet the real Niharika. One fine day I added her on FB and till date I am amazed everytime a new page from the book comes before me.
Talk about her views, when you talk about something she’ll pick something out of context and give her comments on that. For a while you’ll think why did she chose something that was not meant to be touched, but then it’s her and if she finds that part worth giving her views she’ll go for it. I may know the reason for it.  She is a very sharp reader. The book needs to be perfect. A good writer never leaves weak points anywhere and if there is a weak point Niharika is there is point it out. She can be an author’s nightmare.
She is a big time grammar nazi. In fact she is the worst grammar Nazi I have came across in my life and she should feel proud about it. I have met Hindi grammar Nazis and English grammar Nazis and she is both. can you believe it? I bet if you teach her some more languages French, German and Tamil she’ll start pointing out mistakes to the ones who have those languages as their mother tongue. To add more, she hates Grammar, punctuation mistake and any kind of mistake. She is a bad author’s nightmare.
She has got this awesome persona to control people around her. I have a friend with most unstable mind, that makes him moody and mostly impatient yet she is the only one who is able to keep it in control. You may find her a serious kind of personality when you get to meet her first but then you get to know her and she’ll turn out to be a fun person. In-fact her sarcasm is unmatched. She knows what to say and when to say and where it is going to hurt the most and yes she is a big time snooper. She observes things, and observes until it is the right time to tell that person about it. If you think you do something on FB and it missed Niharika’s comment then she’ll take you on it later. She is watching you.
You turn over the book and a dark persona takes over. Her poems especially the late night shayris are proof for that. She has her own problems which she keep hidden in this chapter. While whole facebook is suffering with plagiarism her posts are something worth reading and copying for later. I am jealous of her book collection, one day I’ll kidnap her and ask her books as ransom. Talk about her Bihari attitude and she can beat anyone when it comes to that. She is one of the few girls I can talk in complete Bihari accent and style in complete sense.

She and her brother Praveen share this awesome bonding. It feels like they are almost telephaically linked, both understand what other has to say, and what other will say. The understanding is fab. Her hunger for education and learning is like a black hole, it never seems to end. She is a vegetarian by choice and let it be any topic she can talk about it and give views on it. Guess this is what happens when you read too much. she somehow tolerates my abuses in my works, I guess she is somewhat fond of it, still my writing feels like an ant in front of elephant’s feet when it comes to her writing style. I think she has some temper issues, though with time she learned to control it but I am very much sure that she had or still has it.
I can write an entire book on her on how much I know and have come across, then leave rest of a sequel. Her personality is a writers dream and I am not going to share it with anyone and yeah you look awesome in red saree, please don’t kick me for this. 😀
PS: The title took me more than an hour and 45 minutes to come up with.

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