Saket AKA Lomdi

He is the person responsible for most of my cycle repairs for 2-3 years, his trademark hit my cycle from behind by his cycle caused disaster. He wass always thee whenever I fell down from my cycle, mostly because he used to be responsible for it. He punctured its tire, broke breaks, pulled out seat and once broke the mud guard and the career just for fun.
You don’t want to know his ghar ka naam. In my childhood, after bongs who are famous of weird ghar ka naams, his was the weirdest before I came to know that it was after a great saint, seriously saint? Anyways he supposed to be the oldest childhood friend I am in touch with and he isn’t changed a bit. Tell you a secret, he still cries like a baby as he used to every time when I used to beat him up. Everyone knows his nickname is Lomdi that too in unison and the only guy with one nickname. 
He left to another city long time back and we lost touch but then thanks to the menace of Social Network I found him again. I found him in the days of Orkut where he had wrote his name in some fancy font and used to call him Shaggy, stop laughing, yes Shaggy. Anyways orkut days passed by replaced by FB where I got familiar with his stalking skills. He stalks everyone on FB, that’s his timepass and some special skill his developed on internet. So if you have friends who comment regularly on your posts, I ensure you that hez been through their profiles and explored it like a sailor, did that sound gay? 
An advice to everyone who is reading it, if you need an advice never go to him, even when you two are the last people left on the planet. High chances are that he’ll get you into more trouble by his advice. He drinks like a fish, and knows his cars like a married man knows his misus, inside out. So if advice is about two of these then its fine. Never trust him how much he brag about girls, most of it is lie or happened by chance, the reality is that he cannot approach a girl on his own and yet he’ll make fun of everyone single around him. 
This guy made my time in Delhi worth living, someone who thinks about everyone most of the time and gives his friends top priority is worth keeping. He’s been though worst time of his life and somehow came out of it but the way he is trapped in the dry city of Ahmadabad, nothing can be worse than it. Also he creates horrible PJs so beware.

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