Are you a proud Bihari? Think again.

So are you proud to be a Bihari? Question started running in my mind after few incidents in sometime during my travels and some other personal experience. 
How is one supposed to be proud to be Bihari? Throwing hatred against Raj Thakrey or whenever this topic comes up reciting some examples about how glorious our history was? I believe that telling others again and again and giving such examples is of no use. One should be proud of their origin, their culture and what they are. And from my experience, there is a whole bunch who seems not to be proud of what their origin is and who they really are.
I have met people, and accept it or not but everyone would have seen such examples in their life who keep running away from their identity. Here are few examples how this happens and if any of you think that it resembles you then you in real don’t feel proud to be what you are.
  • Your parents settled somewhere out of Bihar long time back, you were born out of Bihar and grew up there. If you think you are not one of us or if that gives you right to abuse Biharis then believe me people will laugh at you because the surname you carry is the living proof that how much Bihari you are, and if you feel ashamed of what you are, then you should be ashamed of your parents too. But then to an extent this is not your fault, it’s your parents fault who didn’t made you familiar with your origins and culture when it was needed. If you are a child or parenting a child then take care that they get enough knowledge about what they are and they don’t end up becoming a Delhite or Mumbaikar, which they’ll never be accepted to be, instead of a Bihari. I have a page related to Bihar and I get to meet such people every now and then who despite being of Bihari origin hate people from their state, these kind of people are most irritating ones,  and again its their parents’ fault.
  • Bihar and Jharkhand are now two separate states again that does not gives you right to abuse Bihar or makes you different from Bihari crowd. People ask what is Bihari, Bihari is not only about a group of people living in or born in Bihar, it’s a lifestyle, a philosophy that people knowingly or unknowingly follow in their life. Most of you living right now in Jharkhand were born in Bihar in the first place, many of you are enough ignorant to not even know that by roots they still belong to Bihar.
  • Why do you try to hide your accent, people live in Bihar a quarter something or their life, grow up with the accent and then one day you leave the place for further education or job in a short span your accent changes to that place. In this category from the labor who moves to Punjab or Delhi looking for work to those students who shift outside after sometime. Hum becomes mai and the full accent changes to Delhite/ Punjabi something. It always makes me wonder how and what makes this happen that all of a sudden the accent you grew up with is replaced with some other accent that you came across few days back. The typical Bihari words in ones vocabulary are replaced and slowly you start feeling ashamed to use it. Once you used to talk to your parents in your local language for hours is replaced with a short talk in modern accent so that no one finds out. And nowdays this is spreading among Biharis living in Bihar. The chief example of this trend are the RJs from various local Radio stations in Patna, their fake Delhite accent is annoying as hell. This may not be their fault and could be blamed on the management totally still stuffs like these become reason how our thing in future will get replaced by something foreign. If you are a part of this then stop calling yourself a proud Bihari.
  • Every year lakhs of students leave Bihar to other places for their further studies, the divide starts from this point. Kids in attempt to show themselves ultra modern,hip and cool ones start mixing in the local crowd and those guys and girls who try to stay traditional end up becoming outcasts in their own community. If a girl dresses up in her traditional attire, leaving the reason if he wants to keep up with her culture or she cannot afford going western, is termed “behen ji” by the bunch of cool guys and girls, If there is a guy with Bhojpuri lingo, accent and stays traditional to what he is, becomes an outcast and his own friends refuse to hangout with him. Another term I came across is “Lagta hi nahi ki Bihari hai” how do you think a Bihari should be, a person living away from his native if people use such remarks for them they should smack them right in the face and then question “how am I supposed to look like a Bihari”
  • Do you deliberately try to hide about what place do you belong. I have seen such examples personally, in an attempt to mix in the local crowd people especially girls do this mostly. A hard fact, you may not accept, but a Bong girl hangs out with Bongs, gets friends and boyfriend of her own community, same with Punjabi and Marathi girls and many such, but when it comes to Bihari girls they totally try to hide the fact what place they belong. Delhi is the easy way out, and the answer to any question comes as Delhi as the place has a mixed crowd so no one asks further. In order to look more cool and get into a part of ultra modern crowd the Being Bihari factor is completely lost. Guys do this too but their number is still less. This is the reason that out of Bihar there are rare such organizations made by and for Bihari people living there. Although this rarely happens in engineering because of a strong Bihari crowd but in other areas the impact is still missing. Another example here is in Patna itself, the multiplexes refuse to show the regional movies, even the movies like Deswa and Ganga Maiya both of which received a lot of acclamation. Multiplexes in Mumbai show compulsory Marathi movies so when we are copying them, this trait should be copied as well, right?
  • I never understand why people get offended when someone cracks a joke about us, people crack jokes on Bongs, Punjabis, Gujjus all the time. Count the number of TV shows that showcase on their culture and then the shows that showcase on ours.  This huge difference is a result because our people get offended too soon. Why someone calls you Bihari feel proud to it instead of feeling offended about it. Bunch of dumbasses mostly middle aged men, always keep crying about what has happened to our culture, especially when it comes to what girls should wear, do they know Saree is more revealing than most of the western dresses, and for that have you read history of Vaishali in the first place? There is a change, if you are so much proud to be Bihari then learn to accept those changes .The day we stop giving a shit about what others say and think. Being offended is not a sign of not being proud of what and who you are but this proves that you are not so much sure about the things you are proud about. 
These are few examples how people who call themselves proud Biharis are not so much proud about being what they are, so next time you want to use that term start talking in your own language, stop using that fake accent that you learnt in a span of 4-5 months and make your impact felt. There is nothing wrong about Bihari mentality, you are a part of it and no matter how much you try to run away from the truth the reality will come for you. That will be the day you’ll be proud in true sense and wont need to tell others about it.

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  1. Being Bihari is not shame. I am not a bihari, but the way they guys are treated is really shameful. Some where in our country they are being neglecting but i am sure the condition will be better.

  2. Liked this article…Have experienced and can related to most of the points raised here. – Hiding Bihari identity : In Delhi of 90's one simply couldn't escape taunts and jokes on being from Bihar, at least if not nicknamed "Bihari". Situation is better now, as delhi – biharis have come of age, and progressed enough to kick asses :P, and also bihar is no longer an epitome of backwardness and poverty as it used to be.- Oh u dont look from Bihar : Truly hilarious :D- Problem with Bihari girls : Somewhere i feel that in a cosmopolitan environment, they are still finding themselves a minority, while guys are dominating the student, engineers populations in IT hubs, creating a space of their own. This is a comment based on figures, so kindly not to be taken as chauvinist.

  3. I personally do not agree to the point of showing bhojpuri movie in Multiplexes in Bihar, multiple reasons :1. bhojpuri is not the only identity of bihar, we have maithili, maghi, angika and many other minor languages2. The number of good bhojpuri movies are quite few.3. If you compare the current bhojpuri music with the past u can see the difference and can easily notice how slewed have they become

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