The Lady Dabangg

I left Bangalore some time back but still there are things and people I left there and I miss them badly. This blog is about one such person who actually demanded me to write about her so after a lot of mind makeup I came up with this. 
Very few people you meet online turn out to be exactly the same in real life and she is one of them. One fine evening I got to meet this lady, a total Bangalorian who, despite being a marvari, knows Kannada more and better than many of my hardcore Kannadiga friends. We made plans to meet up a lot of times but because of her busy schedule it never happened, but then they say that you don’t get to meet awesome people that easily so I had to wait for my lucky day.
Anyways the day came when I met Sunitha Nahar for the first time and here is this blog that I am trying to write further from half an hour but I am not getting words. 
Don’t ever take her easily by how cute and innocent at times she sounds on by her tweets, she can kick your arse single handedly. The ways she talks online, there is nothing different about her in real life too and one thing special that I found out. She is the original twitter gangsta, she manages things on twitter. Any problem you have, she’ll sort out. A friend gone missing, she’ll know why. Is there a gangup against you? Tell her and she’ll manage things out, and I am not even exaggerating. I spent an hour or something with her and she received some 4-6 calls just about certain twitter problems and the style she helps everyone is simply so cute, like a mom telling her kids how to manage against those bullies in the playground. And not only twitter, her real life friends too look upto her for solution to their problems and like a don she always comes up with the assurance “Kaam ho jaega” type line in Kannada.
On twitter she is already a mumma figure to many, I am just waiting for the time people start fighting for that.  She holds rights, if she is friends with you she’ll will scold you if she catches you doing twitter wrong, fighting, abusing etc  etc. If you have a problem in life, you can always look upto her for the best advice possible and despite being a marvari and in a medical related profession those advices come for free.
Anyways I won’t write much, if she gets angry she’ll kick my behind. Anyways I hope you find time to read this post, till then I am waiting for your Mithai Shop to start, I’ll be the first costumer.

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