My Crushes

A little late at night, while world is preparing to sleep and I want to write something I have been planning for a long time. I wanted to dedicate a blog post to my crushes
I, in total have crushes in four categories.
1.       Real life crushes
2.       Virtual crushes
3.       Celebrity crushes
4.       Fictional crushes
While the list of my crushes, first when I was only 3 and half and till, is really long. I guess more than 500. 
Real Life Crushes: In this type of crush I look more for inside qualities than outside. Those who thought something else that I meant by Inside, you perverts, I meant the inner persona and character and behavior. I don’t run after girls who look good or with long legs, for me that’s secondary.  My first crush was at age of 3 and half, I met at a movie theater in my hometown. I was in 6th standard I had three crushes, one of them turned out to be a bully and then I mind got off her. After 8th when I changed my school, I started going to study tuition at a teacher’s place, and after that I had crushes everywhere. My last genuine real life crush was in 10th and after that I right now I don’t have any crush in this category. Although in college I had a lot of crushes on my seniors but all faded away too soon.
Virtual crushes: I started using internet in 8th standard. We had Yahoo! Messenger at that time, I used to spend hours spamming chatrooms until they used to kick me out or that place. Then came Orkut and list kept growing. One problem with virtual world is that there is nothing sure about the person on the other side, but as time passed by people started sounding more genuine and friendly. Ideal circumstance for crush development process. Orkut era gave me very few but hardcore crushes, that was also the time when most of the girls used to put their relationship status committed for an easy escape from cheesy people so for me that used to be the end., Then came facebook, which was like a friendly spamming zone, friends returned and so did crushes. I think most number of crushes till date I have had on twitter, few I have met and few I haven’t ( you are free to assume about but I’ll never tell :P) Best thing about twitter is you get to meet people who are exactly like you and this develops crush even faster. Normally crush starts when someone new follows and during the initial interaction and fades as the interaction level goes down. Generally this happens after she finds someone new to interact and I find a new crush. Another reason is that I am boring to the core, in my college a girl kept giving me hints to ask her out and it took me 15 days just to add her on facebook, after one and a half month she got a boyfriend. I think number of crushes online is more than real ones and if you think I am wasting time online then read my old posts, real life sucks.
Celebrity Crushes: Most of us must have gone through this stage in their life as kids and teenagers, and everyone knows why that happens so I don’t need to describe. My first celeb crushes were Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit, then came Hollywood era and I still have huge crush on Eva Mendes, Zooey Deschanel and Rosario Dawson. Anyways my present and biggest crush is Saina Nehwal, she is simply too awesome. And how did I forgot Kareena Kapoor? She just looks bloody awesome in red. I watched Agent Vinod and Ra.One twice in theaters just to check her out red. 
Fictional Crushes: When you are in too much books and graphic novels this type of crush simply develops by reading about that peculiar character. As a Star Wars and Harry Potter fan it’s compulsory to have crushes on Princess Liea and Hermione. I have a huge crush on Catwoman (not that awful Anna Hathaway version) and Peggy Carter because of their cute and strong personas as they are portrayed, this list then follows Kitty Pride from X-Men and Spider Woman. This list is even bigger than any from Sarah Connor of Terminator to Princess Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones list keeps getting bigger. Also don’t make fun of me for this, I have met girls who fantasies Edward Cullen, atleast my choices are better than them.
This was all about my crushes and I hope it was not boring. I wanted to add names to make this blog spicier but there are enough chilies in my life. Anyways if you still want to know who is my biggest current crush I tell you……she is…..oh no you’ll never know.

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