The Bully

The other day I was surfing the net and came across this song.
All of a sudden I felt very much attached to this song and somehow I could relate myself to it. During my school life I was a hot favorite for the bullies. From Nursery till I completed my school life I was categorized by some of the classmates and few teachers as being the class target taunted and tormented on daily basis. I remember getting beaten up by my tuition friends, and a hot target by teachers in the class. I know I was a mischievous student in fact if they ever did the ranking I’ll make into top 10, I know I was beaten up because of this reason too or an excuse for it.
People often wonder how bullying starts, teachers are mostly responsible for it. Generally bullied students are kind of shy or loners or the naughty ones but they don’t intend to hurt others. They first become target of teachers and then soon with a bullseye painted on their head they become the bullied ones.
Believe it or not my school life was bloody difficult, although I managed it well towards the end but still it remained like that for few. A very popular PT teacher hated me for no reason, once that motherfucker threw lot of limestone dust on my face that I was asked to spread on the field and I was joking while doing it, another time he asked handball players on purpose to hit on my face with the ball while I was trying for goalkeeper for the handball team and I thought I was doing a brave job all the way of saving incoming attacks putting my body on line, only later I came to know the truth. Anyways that retarded asshole was kicked out from school and the way he was popular among the elite group he got big emotional goodbye while the likes of me celebrated in our own world.
However, as I sit here reminiscing about that difficult time in my life, I have begun to see how this situation was used to mold me into the person I needed me to be.
I lost one year in my school after a year of severe bullying and after that I came out as a changed person. I feared my own batch so much that I even started to hate going to school, I could never take a stand and speak for myself. Changes came in me after I had to repeat same class again and I never allowed anyone to lay a slap on my face again. I became so outspoken to that level that some even started hating me and among them there was this teacher who knowing his position came up with an easy way out.He even once kicked me in my stomach for no reason. 
Bullying helped me in a lot of ways, I used to be like a nerd, shy to some extent, badly dressed, unorganized hair. May be because of them I am today what I am. I should personally meet them with a thank you note for me become what I am.
Bullying destroys childhood, turns a happy kid with a lot of potential into a person with tormented past. This should stop.

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