The Coffee Companions

Finally I got time to continue my Mumbai journey story. I started from Bangalore and rain accompanied me, rain followed everywhere I went. It was there in Tumkur it was there in Satara and then Pune. Checking out twitter feed before reaching my destination clearly showed how people were annoyed and crying because of no rain. Who knew I was bringing rain with me.
As I reached Mumbai it started raining heavily. Ayush asked me to get off bus and take an auto from there, he clearly told me that they’ll charge around 20-30 rs. My personal experience says never to take an auto from the place where you get off the bus still taking a chance I asked a autowala standing there for which he asked 200 bucks straight. Travel tip came handy and a few minute walk got me a genuine auto. 
That evening I met a friend for first time with Ayush, met her on twitter few days back and was a big coffee addict and Gangs of Wasseypur fanatic. We all of a sudden made plan to meet after we found out that we were living in the same area. Both Ayush and Neha were more into Twitter Mumbai circle more than I was ever in Twitter Bangalore circle. Being the reason these two coffee addicts met thanks to me and by their talks I am sure both of them can write books about coffee. The chat went on and on making me familiar to terms in Mumbai (most of them I don’t remember now) and in return me and Ayush filling her encyclopedia with Bihari Tips of which we both are admin. These are few of those people who are living on coffee. And she is married for 11 years that you cannot find out by yourself. I was looking forward to meet her again we were not able to manage.
Mumbai is a wonderful place. Everything about this city is wonderful. People rant when it doesn’t rain and then they rant when it rains and despite that they still go to work. In the evening Ayush took me to a market place nearby and I was simply amazed by the awesome female crowd present there. We planned to see Band stand next morning but rain ruined our plans. All the weed and all the beer that I had at his place was simply incredible, Every day we made plans to visit places by leaving early morning and then shifting our plans for next day. Once he challenged me to take an entire paan in my mouth just by quote “What kind of Bihari are you?” I taking that as a challenge ate an entire paan and puked it all soon after. Another incident was happened when he asked her cook to make 50 rotis and everyone slept without eating anything as we all were too high to eat anything. 
They were two people I met there who turned out great friends and awesome people. If ever they coin a religion for coffee addicts they’ll be the pioneers.

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