That mischievous old friend

There are certain friends everyone got who never miss a chance to annoy the hell out of you. These are the ones you cannot let go no matter how much they try to irritate you because they are the real old friends and you cannot let them go no matter what. By chance I have got a long list of such friends and Ruchi is one of them. She never misses a chance to beat the crap out of me just by her talks and no matter how much I try to stop her she won’t do that ever.
We made plans to meet in past that always failed. Finally Mumbai happened and both of us newbie’s to the city managed out to meet finally. We two being of such disastrous nature, forces of the world tried everything in their control so that this meet cannot take place. It was raining from early morning and for a while I thought we are not going to meet today. But then I decided to play by the city’s rule and managed to go out finally. 
I being new to the city asked her to plan a place to meet and she being a newbie fixed a spot near government office and Bandra court. After waiting for half an hour for her arrival I finally had my luck to see her for the first time after marriage. In my opinion even after married she still looks hot and still hasn’t lost even a bit on her style of sarcasm. I made her walk the entire footbridge just to find a place for lunch. After a long walk and auto changing we came across a place to have lunch, which she was paying. Her ranting and stupid attempts to make fun of me in her funny Hydrabadi/Nagpuri accent made me feel like banging head on the table and she didn’t brought t-shirt for me that she promised long time back.
Poor girl had to walk so much because of me and all because of the fact that she fears escalators. I bid her farewell and made plans to meet soon.
The next time we met we covered most of the Mumbai on autorikshaw. Had lunch and she took me again to the same government office. As usual forces were trying that our meet must not happen but we roamed around in heavy rain. She can tell how awesome Mumbai looks when it rains. She is one person I can hang out all day and everyday given condition that she stops passing comments on me. As a bonus since she got married in the same cast as mine I won’t have to go far to look for a girl in future. Thank you Loochi 😀

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