Not So Satyamev Jayate

First of all sorry for my typos in case my blog becomes viral and I start getting a lot of followers on twitter. Otherwise for regular readers deal with it as you people do.
From past few weeks people in my friend list are using the photo tag feature very efficiently. Generally this feature is used to for Holi, Diwali wishes in bulk and sometimes to wish Valentine’s Day to their same sex friends. Anyways these tags changed their topic on weekly basis and in four weeks I observed this.
Week One: Photo tags related to female foeticide on facebook. Some photos horrible even to look at them and others having some shitty message.
Week Two: New photo tags with child helpline numbers written few of them with a frail looking child sitting in a corner as if he failed in his exams.
Week Three: Another set of photo tags with some Anti-Dowry slogans written all over it some with random brides of which I have no idea from which facebook profiles from where they stole it. 
Week Four: Tags count go less but still the chutiyap tags change into some even chutiyap messages related to how doctors should work responsibly and where we should complain if we find a irresponsible doctor.
These tags are one of the things that happened due to Satyamev Jayate, a recent show started on multiple TV channels with two aims. 1) To bring a social problem into focus and 2) spoil my Sundays that I basically spend on twitter and facebook. 
This show highlighted four burning issues in its run of four weeks and by the fifth week is coming soon I had to wiki about what was the topic in the first week. Wikipedia always helps weather you want to know the participants in the latest season of MTV Roadies or the list of topics debated on Satyamev Jayate, not to mention free porn but it is not the topic here.
Girl child killing is a very sensitive issue in this country and I feel like killing the ones who practice it beating up with stones then cutting them into pieces and feeding them to dogs. But then in a country where people joke around on the name of women safety, rapes and eve teasing is so common.  Well I can’t write much on this topic, this is all I tweeted on that Sunday and still got no followers. But there is something that makes me curious (I don’t have any issue with Amir Khan) a man divorces his wife after few years of successful marriage leaving her helpless let whatever be the reason. The problems she faced as a WOMAN who is a DIVORCEE would have made her think at times if her parents had killed her the day she was born this day would not have came in her life. That was just an example. Cases like these happen every day but then who cares, the issue ran for a week, trended on Sunday, photo tags happened and the song went viral on YouTube. 
Top Comment on YouTube: “Hit like if you think Daughters are precious”. Abe chutiye tere like karne ka karne se kya farak pad jaega be?
Thank you again Wikipedia, you rule. As a child I used to abuse a lot of kids and thank god that was not the topic related to child abuse. After watching this episode I was all set to kill that person who once termed Sunday as a family hour. I am damn sure it was either some professor from my college or Kapil Sibbal. I remember those days when my dad used to send me to get a glass of water when AIDS preservation ads used to come on DD1 I wonder what those poor parents would have done. Child Molestation is a horrible thing to happen. As a child I was once chased by a mad cow and I still fear getting near those innocent creatures. What I mean is things that happen in our childhood put an impression throughout the life. I was bullied a lot in my childhood and the impact can be seen clear on my personality. But what this actually changed? Someone tagged me in a pic with child helpline number as if I am gonna need it at this age. Topic trended for whole Sunday and the paedo jokes received maximum RTs. Again YouTube “Hit like if you think children are cute should not be molested”
On an off note kids today already have iPad and PS3 to play with, they are intelligent unlike us who used to spend all the time watching TV also I pissed off that cow.
My father once told me because we don’t have a sister they will never take dowry on my marriage. The bigger question was forget dowry who the hell in this world would marry her daughter with me? Somehow the quote also meant that if we had a sister my parents would have taken dowry so that they are able to give dowry on her marriage. I grew up among elder cousin sisters and saw getting each of them married, all of them now living a very happy life. The demands for dowry I have seen coming in weird ways. People day in love marriage has an advantage that girl’s side is saved from giving dowry but I can easily deny the fact. I saw getting marriages getting cancelled because the guy’s family had too many demands and the deal resulted in getting cancelled. Yes marriage is a deal in India, a lifetime deal which if breaks in between the divorced woman has nowhere to go and nothing to do. If the marriage gets cancelled after engagement things go worst and forget about the girl who stands up again dowry system and refuses to get married from the mandap itself. She is not going to get married ever. In this country what society thinks matters more than what an individual (girl) wants. The next hour people on facebook came up with creative slogans like “Dahej na lena na dena” as if they are not going to take a penny from bride’s family. I remember a friend who did love marriage said “I won’t take dowry but my parents would”.  Everyone proved to be an anti dowry person on twitter and the “hit like if you are against dowry” comment on YouTube got maximum likes.
I wonder though who gets dowry in a gay marriage. Also if my parents won’t take dowry how am I going to pay my education loan? Dad, you spoiled my life. I always knew this was a trap.
Now the latest issue that finally pissed me off was about how irresponsible doctors and the medical system in this country are. I wonder if creators of the show know that how costly a machine is and before questioning the country’s pharmacy budget discuss the budget for that soft drink ad that comes every week on your show for about 3 times. At-least the pharmacy saves lives unlike that soft drink. You say doctor’s strike is so common. Where the hell are you guys when doctors get beaten up by those gawar relatives of the patient who they tried to save at their best but they couldn’t. Where they hell are these guys when people misbehave with nurses. They are not going to talk about that. If you want doctor’s strikes to stop insure their security also the Fortis hospital in Noida charges like hell, I hope they don’t sponsor your show. 
And I am scared if they don’t chose to show engineers in their next issue because believe it or not it’s the engineers who can make or break a movie in the first week itself so khabardar. India now opposes female foeticide, we are anti dowry and will catch any child molester if ever found on facebook or twitter. Some doctors on twitter have also pledged to tweet responsibly.
I want the show to raise the issue of how these deo ads fool people telling them to use their products and girls would come after them. I am tried various deodorants in past few years and I never saw it working. Also I once tried in roadies so they should call their wannabe contestants too. At-least then I’ll get tagged on some hot pics of some sexy female roadies. By the way after reading this blog my readers will sure want the show to air an episode on bloggers like me and they way they torture readers like them. Then I’ll tag you guys one a picture on facebook with my blog link.
Till then Satyamev Jayate.

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