Swades : We The People

One of my favourite movies is of one of those actors whom I dislike to the core. Swades starring Shahrukh Khan is one of my favourite movie and I can watch it again and again no many how many times you make me see it. But I don’t love this movie because of the acting or Ashutosh Gowarikar’s strong writing and direction. I love this movie because because it has a fake sense of hope that people still can bring change in this country.Also being a SRK hater it’s my responsibility to add anyone other than him could have done a better job (only in the movie). But my blog is not to make fun of SRK or whatever so carry on.
I always think what would have happened in the reality if a rich settled NRI with best job in the world comes to India and suddenly goes through change of heart. First anyone today who goes to foreign land (even Thailand) even for a month comes back with the American accent. People even get into that accent after working for a week at a call centre at Noida and this guy who have been in US of A for most of his life still has an Indian accent, well thats funny and unbelievable. He even sings in Indian accent and everyone understands.This accent change happens in the same way when someone from UP/Bihar goes to work in Mumbai for a year and comes back with a Bambaiya boli.
In reality the NRI scientist would have had an American accent and would have taken forever for those poor villagers to understand what he is saying. Trust me listening to a person speak Hindi or any Indian Regional language with foreign accent is the most funniest thing in the world. So this scientist has a change of heart and decides to settle in that village determined to bring power to that place. This village is an example how India celebrates earth hour everyday and still some douchebags here switched off their lights yesterday. 
This NRI starts working on the project which is stopped by the local MLA and MP who want their share in the project. When they come to know this project is entirely a free fund project they sanction money from state government which goes directly into their pockets. Our NRI gets no money but gets promised for few awards if his project comes alive. In India Indians who work their asses off get less praise than those NRIs who make small funding for India every year, anyways the work continues.
After working for a while he starts having stomach problem because of lack of mineral water. NRIs and their allergy with Indian water is simply beyond my understanding, I mean what can be the difference between water they get at USA and the water they get here. Anyways the genius NRI starts having stomach problem and gets with diarrhoea. He also gets blisters everywhere on his body due to hot weather. Lack of sleep in night because of Mosquitoes adds another problem to his fine American lifestyle where people probably don’t even know what mosquitoes mean. He is admitted to the hospital to the nearest city where his treatment starts.
His treatment attracts Media’s attention that start coming up with headlines on their news channels and start digging out all the info about him.  This NRI becomes media’s hero and the village about no-one gave a damn two days back becomes more popular than Disneyland. Media hypes this news for a week and then forgets about it because a new cricket series is going to start. Meanwhile the village receives lots of donations which again goes into pockets of the MLA, MP and other powerful people. Village suddenly receives electricity after a junior engineer from the local power station visits and fixes few wires, village celebrates and news is circulated “Village receives power due to efforts of the NRI”. After two days the village returns to lantern age. 
Anyways forget the village who cares about those people. Our NRI receives lot of awards, even gets an offer to buy Padam Shree, Rajdeep Sardesai invites on his channel’s talk show and Arindam Chowdhary calls him to IIPM for a guest lecture. And after few months of holidays (also sick leave) he returns back to US of A and lives happily ever after.

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