Reporting live from progressing Bihar

Coming back home is always an awesome experience. People say there is no place like home and it’s true. This time Bihar’s 100thanniversary made my visit more special (as all the hoardings said) and made me curious about our “Progressing Bihar”. A good thing was that finally we cared to remember our forgotten Heroes of our state.
My homecoming is always stay at home and rest types as I rarely know any of my friends living in Bihar right now, as part of the trend they all are working, studying and earning somewhere else. Anyways I met a very old friend and decided to take a glimpse of our growing Bihar. My friend took me on a tour of Patna to make me aware about our developing state.
Our first stop was the Auto stand near Mahavir Mandir. The autos as usual were standing in the most random way possible taking all of the Parking area. And rest of the area was captured by daily vendors. Apparently this was not the place where I was being taken to see Patna’s development (By this time I didn’t even know how my Bihar development darshan changed into Patna development tour) the place was Buddha Smriti Park. The surroundings were surprisingly clean as it used to be few years back and the place really looked beautiful covered entirely in blue lighting. It was around 5:00 PM and I had no idea how come this park became a symbol for Bihar’s development because it had nothing other than few couples who seemed to waiting for some bushes to grow in the corner so that they convert this place into Sanjay Gandhi Zoo as well.
I was craving for the world famous litti at Daak Bungla Chouraha which was nearby to this park so we decided to take a walk to that place. But instead of littis I saw number of child beggars running around us which at least I never saw in my lifetime till now. It seems as a place develops number of Beggars too increase there. Finally it felt good to see Maurya Lok in its as usual glory, certain things in Bihar never change.
My dear friend and my guide took me to Gandhi Maidan Book fair and place nearby. I came to know Mona and Regent too developed with developing Bihar and now charges 150 rs per ticket. Rs 40 to 160 is definitely a progress but I didn’t understand how it is related to our state’s progress. 
I was tired and wanted to go home. So we decided to continue our tour on next day.
My friend told me we are going to P&M Mall Patna this building is the biggest example about how Patna is progressing. At 3:00 PM it took almost an hour to reach there because of the heavy traffic jam. This Mall is owned by Prakash Jha and people think that he did something great of people of Patna. If he really had concern about Patna then he could have done something about those child beggars and tried building the mall at a place which was not nearby to some of the famous schools whose students got a place to bunk and go during burning hot day time. Prakash Jha definitely did something for those students who otherwise would have no place to bunk and go.
This mall from outside looked like a residential building mostly because most of the walls have lots of glasses in the front and Mr. Jha didn’t trusted Patnaites love for glasses. The mall has some expensive stores like rest of the malls in the country and an expensive food court whose food tastes like shit. It also has a multiplex Cinepolis which has branches all over the world in most of the 3rd grade countries like Peru and Columbia. It charges more than any multiplex all over the country let it be Weekdays or Weekends. And let whatever be the reason people pay for the stupid service. 
It seems the motto of development is “with great service you get poor service” got to see this at our next stop Dominos. No waiters and service in the take away boxes is something unique I saw at a pizza parlour, reason being their bosses think Patnaites have not seen anything like this so let them get used to this service which is sufficient for them right now, the service would improve with development in future. The CCD anywhere in the country tastes like crap so let’s leave it otherwise readers would think of me as an Anti Development person. 
That evening we went to Bihar diwas ceremony. People were happy to see celebrities and were dying to catch a glimpse of them , ignoring all the other corners that spoke about Bihar’s development. May be development increase with celebrities visiting a state and giving fake speeches about how much they love Bihar and the people who live here. Later in the evening I had an argument with an autowala and felt good about certain things are still here that refuse to change with the development.

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  1. May be you saw what you wanted to , I have never been to the state though 10 years ago my GK class Bihar was least developed state , today it isn't . Bihar has been able to use maximum allocated funds by state . The regime of Lalu has done a lot of damage to state…. so try and look at the good work

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