18 till I Die *Conditions applied*

18 till I Die *Conditions applied*

Last night had a much needed change.. that too in style…at a friend’s farmhouse with chicken biryani for good luck and soft drinks to keep me company and a lot of beer….ohh and of course watching my friends waltzing around on the tunes of ‘sandese ate hain’ was another fringe benefit…!!!

And then someone changed the track to ’18 till I die’…And the discussion shifted to ‘Life should always be this way’ …Then I don’t know if it was effect of beer or something else I started wondering how much this song means to me.

Yeah sure I would like to be 18 again, life was tension free then…If not physically then at least I would like to think like a teenager (not the retarded ones but to some extent). When you are going through that phase people have expectations from you but your life is free from any burden. You get to live your life the way you want to.

But then it is not worth it. I like the way life has been for me right now. I have experienced a lot and I am not that stupid arrogant attention seeker anymore. Growing up is fun, one should be ready to accept challenges and add new experiences to life..In Chandler Bing’s words…If u do a good job growing up then definitely it’s not a bad thing…

You get to know what the world really is and where you stand in the whole canvas…It’s a really great feeling when things just start making sense…I’m not a big fan of the ‘age of innocence’ factor…I would prefer smartness over innocence anyday….

18 till i die??yeah surely but only to a certain extent…After all its after 18 that you get to know what life really is…

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  1. Mirchi Laddoo

    Exactly! Though I wasted my teenage years in stupidity & I would love to live my teens again without any burdens on my heart, I would not like to be stuck in that age forever 🙂 Very well written 🙂