15 Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling in Bihar

Bihar is a nice state with a rich history. The state was formally known as Magadh with Patliputra being its capital. It has a strong connection of Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism as Gautam Buddha, Mahavira and Guru Gobind Singh.

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Traveling in Bihar is rewarding but there are a lot of questions whose answers are still needed to be found. Here are some of the most asked questions about traveling in Bihar.

What is the best point to start travel in Bihar?

The best point to start your travel in Bihar is from Patna. You can arrive in Patna, stay for a couple of days and then go further to Bodh Gaya, Rajgir and Vaishali. Ofcourse, you’ll have to go to faraway places if you want to visit Darbhanga and Samastipur. The advantage with Patna is that you’ll find a lot of high class hotels and ease of traveling.

You can also stay in Bodh Gaya and visit Rajgir and Nalanda. This plan actually makes sense because all the three places have multiple attractions that are impossible to complete in a single day.

What are the main tourist spots in Bihar?

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The primary tourist spots of Bihar are Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali, Pavapuri, Samastipur, Darbhanga, Patna and Valmiki National Park.

How far is Bodh Gaya from Patna?

It takes 3 hours to reach Bodh Gaya from Patna. There are regular trains and buses from Patna. Jan Shatabdi Express is the most popular train as it starts from Patna at 6 AM and leaves you at Gaya station at 8 AM. From Gaya Station, Bodh Gaya is 45 minutes away.

Can I visit Bodh Gaya from Varanasi and then return the same day?

Yes, it is possible to visit Bodh Gaya from Varanasi by train. There are trains from Varanasi and Mugalsarai and the journey is not more than 3 hours. Many tourists who come to Varanasi, do a day trip of Bodh Gaya and come back same day or next morning.

Can I visit Bodh Gaya, Rajgir and Nalanda in one day?

Yes, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir and Nalanda are a part of a single tourist circuit. You can easily go to Bodh Gaya, then travel further to Rajgir and Nalanda.

How can I visit Vaishali?

Vaishali is close to Patna so when you arrive Patna, stay here and hire a private car for Vaishali. If you are backpacking in Bihar, you can also take a shared autorickshaw to Hajipur and then another shared autorickshaw to Vaishali. In Vaishali, you’ll have to hire a cycle rickshaw to explore the town.

What festivals can I see in Bihar?

Bihar’s has a very distinct culture. Chhath is the main festival celebrated here. The Ganga Ghats of Patna are the best place to witness the event. It is celebrated in the month of November after Dipawali.

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Durga Puja is celebrated with grand enthusiasm in Patna. Although you should not expect anything like Kolkata, Ranchi or Dhanbad but some of the processions are really grand.

It is safe to travel in Bihar?

Traveling in Bihar is safer than what is generally perceived in media and in mainstream travel community. If you stay on the trail and only visit the destinations mentioned in the maps, you can easily explore everything without any worries.

Although, if you are a female solo budget backpacker in Bihar, then you need to be careful and keep your known ones informed on your whereabouts.

What are the famous foods that I can try in Bihar?


In Bihar, you can try Litti Chokha. It is sold at every tourist destination. You can find Litti Chokha on street side shops or small dhabas.

Puri Jalebi is a famous breakfast of Bihar. It is a simple combination but really delicious. Other dishes of Bihar include Baigan ka Bharta, Malpua, Anarsa (famous in Gaya), Khaja (famous in Nalanda) and Samosa.

Non vegetarians can try Mutton Ahuna and Chicken Ishtu.

Where can I see Madhubani painting in Bihar?

To see Madhubani Painting, you will have to explore the streets of Patna where every wall is now covered in these artworks. If you want to meet the Madhubani artists then you’ll have to go to Madhubani. Ranti Village near Madhubani is the home to many Madhubani artists. Here, you can also visit the home of Padmashree Awardee Smt. Mahasundari Devi.

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Madhubani painting is also practiced in Jitwarpur Village which is also near Madhubani. Ranti has more of Line work whereas Jitwarpur has more filling work.

How can I visit Vikramshila University?

Vikarmshila University is near Bhagalpur. Trains from Patna as well as Kolkata and Delhi ply to Bhagalpur on a regular basis. You can visit Vikramshila university from here on a day trip.

How many days do I need to travel in Bihar

You will need 10 to 20 days to travel in Bihar. If you aim to explore Patna, Bodh Gaya, Rajgiri, Pawapuri, Nalanda and Vaishali then 7 to 10 days will be enough.

What is the best time to explore Bihar?

The best time to explore Bihar is from late September and early March. After this the summer season starts which is simply unbearable. The monsoon season is dangerous to travel because the chances of flooding and bridge collapse is really high.

Are there backpacker hostels in Bodh Gaya?

Bodh Gaya has one hostel but it is away from the touristy place. Epic Hostels and Rama Guest House are two places where you can find a cheap stay. Charity Backpackers is another place for budget hostel stay in Bodh Gaya but it is mostly full.

Is it possible to cross Nepal border from Bihar?

Yes it is possible to cross Nepal Border from Bihar. There are three ways to do this. 1) Go to Raxaul and cross over by a cycle rickshaw. Raxaul is 5 hours from Patna and you can easily cross to Birganj in Nepal from where you’ll find shared Sumo for Kathmandu. 2) You can catch a bus from Patna which will take 20 to 24 hours to reach Kathmandu. 3) You can go to Varanasi, catch a bus and enter Nepal via Gorakhpur.

I hope that these answers will help you plan a better and safer trip to Bihar. Do connect with me on Instagram and Facebook for more details on solo travel in Bihar.

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