10 Ways To Avoid Crowds When Solo Travelling To New Destination

10 Ways To Avoid Crowds When Solo Travelling To New Destination

When we are backpacking to a new place or a country for the first time then it make sense to explore the popular places and then start going to the offbeat places. As a solo traveller and backpacker from India I have learnt a couple of tricks to avoid crowds around these popular sightseeing spots while travelling to popular places. I always believe that you should explore museums and smaller trails in order to get a better idea about the place where you are visiting. A lot of these museums and sightseeing attractions that are lesser known to tourists are free. This way you can also save money while traveling and plan your trip with maximum advantage.

In order to make sure that you don’t find popular tourist spots crowded you can follow my tips and tricks that will save you time and let you enjoy those attractions in a better way. For solo travelers it is important to save time and money while travelling and these tips will help you to explore everything in detail without being annoyed by the crowd.

Eat Local

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Most of the tourists check restaurants from platforms like TripAdvisor or Google because of this these outlets get very crowded. Instead you should search for places that are local and not present on these platforms. You can ask your hostel management for local recommendations. The crowd will be less and the delivery will be faster. When you are at lesser known restaurants, you should leave your expectations for professional service at the entrance. But good food will compensate for lack of service.

Be an Early Riser

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The reason why most of my traveling experiences are devoid of crowded tourist attractions is because I am an early riser. When you wake up early morning around 5 or 6, it becomes easier to explore a certain place without the crowd it gets. Taj Mahal in India is perfect to visit at 6:00 in the morning when it opens because you will find very less people and the whole attraction will be there for you. Similarly if you go to Bagan, Myanmar and opt for an early morning sunrise tour then chances are that you will get to enjoy most of the places by yourself. Rising early morning is also great way to ensure that you are healthy and fit while travelling.

Opt for Lesser Known Places

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Yes it is understandable that we all want to explore the popular tourist attractions while backpacking in Thailand or Malaysia, doesn’t matter how crowded those places are. But sometimes choosing a lesser known attraction over a popular one will be more rewarding and give you ample chances of photography. This will also ease down your quest of understanding that place’s culture and history in a better way without going through a huge crowd that won’t let you move or see anything.

Don’t Choose Free Tours In Your Hostel

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Every hostel offers a free tour or a cultural trail in the city where they are present. These places are joined by a lot of people because of which it proves to be a waste of time. Heritage walks are common in Delhi, Mumbai, even Bangkok and a lot of European cities. The free tours are more likely to get crowded and you’ll come across many different such groups that will eventually make you feel suffocated.

Paying a few bucks for a tour will give you better experience and more understanding of the place where you are travelling.

Don’t Travel During Peak Season

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Peak seasons are the worst. The place is crowded, the prices are highest, and everything gets sold out very fast. It is a better idea to travel either a few days before peak season starts, or a few days after the peak season ends. You’ll find really cheap deals along with less tourists and better prices. I went to Myanmar in the month of September and it was really empty. Although I missed the hot air balloons in Bagan but the whole experience was really worth it. Similarly while backpacking in Europe from India you can avoid summers as it is the peak season. Instead, you can choose to travel during spring and autumn.

Visit Lesser Known Beaches and Hiking Trails

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Every town has some popular trails and beaches while others are not that well known. Reason for this can be many. Lack of cool cafes or transportation plays a great role in making a certain attraction popular.

You can always choose a less crowded beach to enjoy the sunset or a trail that is visited by fewer people for hiking and bird watching. This will result in a more peaceful experience and add an extra layer to your journey.

Choose the 2nd or 3rd Day the Festival

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The thing with festivals is that most of the people who attend it are there for the intention of clicking photos. If you want to enjoy the traditional dance and food then you should always plan your trip to in the 2nd of 3rd day. When the cultural festival 3 to 5 days long it is a better idea to avoid the first two days or the weekend and go on the last day instead. The last days are less crowded and there is enough chance to enjoy food, dance and meet local peacefully.

Purchase Your Tickets in Advance


The advantage of purchasing tickets in advance is that you won’t have to stand in crowd and wait for hours. But when you are buying tickets for some place like Universal Studios Singapore or Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, then you should know that most of the tourists are doing the same thing. Many attractions also offer express ticket which helps you avoid crowd and get faster without standing in line. If you can pay a few dollars extra then go for it and enjoy a trip without standing long queues.

Enjoy Free Museums and Art Galleries


There are a number of free museums and art galleries that are perfect to find a unique experience without going through a huge crowd. Free exhibitions are totally worth it. You can also plan your trip during film festivals and music festivals if you like mingling with people who have similar likings as you do.

Go Sightseeing During Lunch Hours

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Lunch time is standard between 1:00 p.m. to around 3:00 p.m at most of the places. Most of the tourists don’t visit popular sightseeing attractions during this time. Because of this the attractions have fewer crowds so you will find a better chance to explore a mainstream tourist attraction without suffocating yourself in an Ocean of people.

Follow these tips and you’ll get a nice experience of a new destination. Hope this blog was helpful, you can show some support by connecting with me on Facebook and Instagram. Also subscribe to this blog to stay updated with my new posts.

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