Things to do in Bagan, Myanmar: Travel Guide and Photos

NOTICE: Some of the information on this website may have changed due to the pandemic and Myanmar's Military takeover. Make sure that you verify travel details and check the latest travel guidelines before making any plans. Stay safe! Bagan is one of the oldest and best archaeological sites in the entire world. As a preferred UNESCO World Heritage... Continue Reading →

5 Best Walking Tours in Kathmandu

On strolling in Kathmandu, you will get to captivate the alluring vistas of nature, seek blessings from the holy place of devotion, and learn more about the ancient age from the exhibition and museums halls.

5 Best Mountaineering Movies You Might Not Have Seen

Who doesn't like mountaineering? It is an experience for which many have left everything. There are bravehearts who have created records and stories about these experiences and many are documented in the form of film or TV series.

If you have a desire for the bizarre or something just beaten off the track, you will be thrilled with this list of mountaineering movie recommendations.

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